FlashMQ 1.9.0 released

FlashMQ version 1.9.0 introduces several mechanisms to prevent overloads by clients subscribing to broad wildcard topics. There are two causes of load:

  • If you have a base message load of 100,000 messages per second, each client subscribing to # causes that many permission checks per second. If you have 100 clients doing that, there will be 10 million permission checks per second.
  • If you have a large tree of retained messages, a subscription to # means all the nodes of the trees are searched for messages. There already is the config option retained_messages_node_limit, but that results in aborting the process at a random point.

The following abilities have been added to control this:

  • The options minimum_wildcard_subscription_depth and wildcard_subscription_deny_mode. With it, you can prevent subscriptions to something like # or sensors/+/temperature. To allow one/two/three/#, specify 3 as minimum value. The deny mode specifies deny_all or deny_retained_only.
  • The plugin has the ability to return success_without_retained_delivery on a subscription. This allows the subscription to work, but without attempting to deliver retained messages.

Downloads available as usual.

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