FlashMQ version 1.10.0 released

Most importantly, starting with FlashMQ version 1.10.0, the FlashMQ apt repository now contains Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye and Bookworm packages. Installation is just like other Debian-based distributions.

Then, version 1.10.0 comes with these changes:

  • Fix MQTT5 immediate session expiration not being respected. When 0, it should behave like ‘clean session’ in MQTT3. Instead, sessions were given the default expire time configured in the config file (or taken from the default value).
  • The listeners now have an option allow_anonymous to override the global setting.
  • Various topics have been added to $SYS to count how many topic ACL checks are done. This is useful because they can incur load, and this can identify heavy subscription patterns (which can be mitigated by the existing options minimum_wildcard_subscription_depth and wildcard_subscription_deny_mode).

Downloads available as usual.

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