FlashMQ 1.11.0 released

Version 1.11.0 is primarily a bug-fix release, but there are some new features included. The fixes mostly relate to topic aliasing, which required some attention.

The topic aliasing fixes are:

  • Fix lack of thread isolation (which could cause crashes) in managing outgoing topic aliases.
  • Fix not using aliases at all anymore for a client once the maximum of that client was reached.
  • Detect use of non-existing incoming aliases better and disconnect with TopicAliasInvalid.
  • Fix not communicating packet alias on dropped outgoing packets. In buffer-full conditions, it now guarantees at least one publish with topic + alias goes out before it proceeds to leave out the topic string in subsequent publishes.

Other fixes and improvements are:

  • Add zero_byte_username_is_anonymous option. See man page.
  • Add new setting log_level, instead of the previous log_debug statement.
  • Human readable packet types and disconnect reasons are now printed at various events.
  • Fix altering publish topic from plugin: the topic would have been changed, but subscriber lookup and ACL would still be done on the original topic.
  • Fix possible crash in glibc getaddrinfo_a DNS resolver in bridges when quitting FlashMQ. Hasn’t been observed, but still needed improvement.

Downloads available as usual.

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