FlashMQ 1.12.0 released

FlashMQ version 1.12.0 adds two new features:

The first is hot-reloadable bridges. When defining, changing or removing bridges in the configuration, a restart is now no longer required. They will be picked up by sending the usual SIGHUP to reload the config.

The second feature is connect-DOS protection. Doing a restart on a massive fleet of connected devices can cause the worker threads to be overloaded when they all try to reconnect at once, resulting in clients timing out, reconnecting and exacerbating the problem. This new features will look at timer drifts in the threads and if that is too high, close incoming clients immediately after they connect. The behavior can be controlled with overload_mode, and as of yet, the default is log. This will likely change to close_new_clients in a future release.

Downloads available as usual.

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